Baile Sear, North Uist - August 2005  The SCAPE Trust
Bressay History Group
The Bressay History Group was formed in 1990 to research and promote the history, archaeology and natural history of the island of Bressay in Shetland. In 1996 they built the Bressay Heritage Centre as a local museum where they mount an annual exhibition on the previous year’s research. During the winter months they have regular illustrated talks by local researchers on various topics relating to Bressay and Shetland.

In 2008 the group undertook an ambitious project with The SCAPE Trust and Archaeology Scotland, excavating and moving an eroding site to a safe position beside the Heritage Centre. They also helped build an experimental archaeology centre which will be used over the coming years to explore how Bronze Age people may have created burnt mounds. Click here to open a new website and learn more about this project.
Site under excavation
Reconstruction at Heritage Centre
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