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Shorewatch has prepared a number of recording forms, information sheets and registers for you to download. You can access these documents from this page.

You can also find information about organisations that collect archaeological information and what they do with it.

Shorewatch How to....

There are thousands of archaeological sites at risk all around the Scottish coast. While some sites are being destroyed by storms and erosion, others are being uncovered all the time. Shorewatch aims to get as much information as possible on the sites before it is too late. This means that the picture is always changing, and no one is really sure how many sites are at risk, or where they are.

We need your help to get information about sites on the coast. There are several ways that you can do this:

Photographs that you take show the type of site you have found and the state that it is in. They can help us to identify sites and give an idea of their condition. When taken over a period of time, they can indicate the rate at which the site is being destroyed.

Written records

Shorewatch has a recording sheet designed for use on the coast. It prompts you for all the information necessary to make an archaeological record about the sites that you find. The sheet is based on those used by archaeologists doing fieldwork, and the data that you collect can be easily added to local and national records.

Drawings and sketches
A drawn survey can range from a measured sketch of the site to a detailed plan drawn after taking accurate measurements. Drawn surveys need not be difficult things to do. Often, when drawing a site, you notice new things which you hadn't seen before. Drawings done over time can be compared to show changes to the site.

Excavation is usually thought of as a last resort. Ideally, we would wish to preserve sites for the future (when excavation techniques and scientific analysis may be more advanced). However, some eroding sites are facing imminent destruction, and it may be possible for your group to arrange an excavation, working together with a team of archaeologists.

What next?
When you have taken some photographs or recorded a site - what next? Contact the Shorewatch team and they will tell you how to proceed. Also visit our links page to see who collects information on archaeology in Scotland.

SCAPE Finds Protocol (Click to download)
The SCAPE Finds Protocol provides guidance for Shorewatch groups and individuals on what to do with archaeological finds.

Shorewatch recording form (Click to download)
The Recording Form ensures that the information you gather is compatible with data collected by other people. Using a form also helps to remind you of what information is needed.

Summary sheet (Click to download)
The summary sheet quickly reminds you of what information you should record on the recording form. It is also useful if it is too wet or windy to complete a Recording Form in the field. It reminds you of what is on the form so that you can record information on waterproof paper or using a dictaphone.

Detailed instructions on how to fill in the recording form (Click to download)
This document explains why information is recorded and gives detailed instructions on how to fill the recording form in.

Instructions on how to fill in registers (Click to download)
This information sheet also explains why we use them.

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